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Molecular Mirror (M2) Technology

Developed by Menon, the only patented biomarker detection technology that can detect viruses and bacteria using aptamers and antibodies simultaneously.

Universal Biomarker Detection Technology

Menon has developed an innovative technology for rapid and selective detection of pathogens from any matrix. Its universal platform drives superior performance over alternative methods and provides diverse applications for point of care and large-scale diagnostics.

Multiple Configurations Available

System can be implemented in various configurations including small-scale point of need testing or population-scale testing utilizing existing MRI equipment for massively-parallel sample scanning of 100,000 samples.

Validated Technology

Assays have been validated for speed, sensitivity and specificity by respected 3rd parties, including the US Government (DHS and DTRA) and universities.

Strong IP Established

Menon holds 42 patent documents across 7 DWPI families, with 3 EP and 3 US granted patents. Patents cover assays and process utilizing RF technology, nanoparticles, sample processing and hardware for biomarker-based detection.

Technology Overview

A universal biomarker detection platform with endless applications.

Existing Assays

Rapid and selective assays for bacterial and viral detection in a variety of matrices.

Technology Differentiators

Providing superior speed, specificity and sensitivity than competing technologies.


Data published in respected, peer-reviewed journals.

Menon Biosensors has partnered with UC San Diego to validate its Molecular Mirror™ technology which utilizes the power of MRI to screen thousands of patient specimens for SARS-CoV-2.  Check out our latest feature on the ABC News!

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